just too bored

im not free and i have lots of things to do but i've already sat in front of computer for 4 hours today!

he's hanging out with his friends now
im lonely
moody to do homework or study
even i know i have to start to put more effort on my studies

my first monthly test result is poor
i failed in my chinese!
u know what?
i got a in pmr ==

i failed in my history too
it didnt shocked me, cause i knew i wont pass it
i hate history
i dont know how to memorize
some people say we must understand the stories but not memorize
hmm.. maybe i should try, right?

anyway, im glad i got the highest mark in english
29 per 30
maybe u will say 'only 29? i got 30!'
but 29 is enough to me actually
there's someone same mark with me in my class
i never know her english was that good!
that's why it is said that 'dont jugde a book by its cover'

i dont really be pleased with my other subjects' result
i know
it's time to turn over a new leaf
actually i have asked my to do that many times
but im really a lazy girl

i always waste my time, be in daze
once i got some free time, i will just lying there on my cozy bed
and do nothing
he advised me not to do that anymore
and i've tried to do homework to fill in my vacancy
but the problem is
i dont know how to do the homework!
is it i give up of myself??
no i will never do that

start from today is 1 week's holiday
all right, for our future
i will study hard
at most i will not be the last in class
i hope i can do it
wish me good luck, can u?