just do it

time never wait
i have been wasting my half year time doing useless stuff
never worked hard and never really put affort in studies
just play play play

i still dont know my results of mid year exam
our teacher tricks us
she proposely doesnt want to tell us our rankings
the students of the rest of the pure science classes have already known their rankings
she makes many of us worrying
i dont understand why she does that
she thought students of my class destroyed her car but we didnt!
even how much we dislike her, i believe none of my classmates would do that
but she doesnt trust us

i dont know what is she thinking about in her mind
really dont understand why there are so many brainless people in the world

the 2nd monthly test is just around the corner
the first day of the test falls on next wednesday, 15th july
the 2nd and 3rd day are on 21th and 22th respectively
to tell the truth, im worrying
u know, my results have not improved but getting worse
im sorry to my friends
i still cant do it
many have started preparing for the coming test
but i still lazy to do revision
i feel like i have many stuff to do and have not completed so im not in the mood to study yet
well, maybe this weekends, during free time i will try to spare some time to do some revision

so just forget about all the bad stuffs
face it with a smile =)

go go sydney u can do it xD!

by sydney

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