argh! p i l l s

today i almost die
luckily i m ok now

i was in pain whole morning
yincai accompanied me to the office to apply for leaving school earlier
i cant stand anymore and my tears dropped

mr ling phoned my mum
and she said she will be there soon
while waiting for mummy
yincai went back to class to bring my bag and i stayed in mr ling's office

inside his office is cold
i was shaking with cold
my hands started to lull
hoping yincai acts faster

finally she came, carrying my text books and bottle
yunqi helped to carry my bag
we moved to the hall
i was faintness
they said i looked pale
i never experinced the pain like today
it's damn ache!

then mummy brought me to dr lee
i have to take 4 types of pills everyday
4 types man!
so i crushed the pills into small pieces then eat them

fully hope tomorrow i will be fine

i would like to say thank you to yincai and yunqi for helping me =]


i cant attend weiqin's party because of stomachache
i'm really sorry for that, all my dearest friends
i will try my best to get to the next gathering =)

by sydney
(edited on 21.08.09)

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