enjoy your holiday =]

i've just updated my blogger a few days ago
just did a small change at the template
i quite like it
although it's not as beautiful or colourful or lovely as others' blog
simple is best =]


the weather is so so so hot la
yesterday went to tuition after a nap
i was in a hurry so forgot to bring bottle
then after tuition i went for marching practice at school
that means i didnt drink water in these two and a half hour
and i was really really thirsty
now i feel like very dry mouth
no no
get away from me sore throat!


today got an education fair in the school hall
it's smaller than the education fair that held few moths ago
i brought some information back

i want to be an artist
i like to draw portrait
but my skill is not good
i dont know how to improve

i guess most of the arts and design courses in college or university are by using computer
i dont really like that
how good if i can attend a sketching course in the future =>

i want to be success using my hand instead of a computer

in the toilet

after school. damn hot. stupid expression


he's cute but naughty


ponteng physics tuition today
we decided to go another class tomorrow afternoon


start from tomorrow we will be having a one-week holiday
add maths tuition, monday untill wednesday morning at 11pm-1pm
no piano class and english tuition
as for physics tuition, i think we got class as usual on friday
so i guess maybe we will stay at grandma's house for a few days only
or even cant manage to find some time to go back =T

i still have lots of stuffs to do
so it may be a busy and tiring holiday
well, whatever
as long as i'm not going to die of boredom

have a happy holiday my friends =]

by sydney

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