appreciate your loved ones

i woke up late today morning at 7.30am, so i decided not to go to school. x)

then i went out with my parents for breakfast.
after that my mum brought me to tokoh cahaya, i bought some books and stationery.

i bought these books.
from left: 大 红 花 国 的 椰 小 子 by 黑 色 水 母, cricket, b.pelajar.


actually man tou and cricket are for primary students.
haha i prefer cricket. x)

i heard daddy told mummy that he'd almost gone last night...

last night daddy's car broke down when he was driving back from his office, then he parked his car on the lawn beside the emergency lane, an indian driver stopped to help him to charge the car battery.
suddenly a proton waja came with a rapid speed hit my daddy's car, and the car moved some distance forwards. at the moment my dad was just about to insert the car key, standing beside the car.
if he had inserted the car key, we might not be able to see him this morning...
he is grateful for the blessing of Buddha, and me too, amitabha~

we never knew when is the time for us to leave, maybe tomorrow, maybe after an hour, or even the next second, nobody knows.
that's why we must appreciate our loved ones. =)

daddy is considering to buy a new car owing to the damage of his car. hoping that he will buy a nice one, haha.

good news, i logged in my cbox account successfully just now, and now i have my cbox again in my blog. kindly leave your message there. =D

after add.maths tuition. with yincai

happy birthday to my friends - shixian and kaichin.
i wish u guys happy every day. =]

i miss him, i wanna meet him right now~
arghh =(
te echo..

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