They will be leaving us

Oh my gosh! No~~~~~~

Daddy is taking leave now, because he has to take care of us when mum's not here. I thought i need not to worry anymore since daddy is here to buy food for us or bring us out to eat.
But now the situation is different.. ==

Mummy is going to Penang tonight, staying at uncle's apartment for one night and taking-off to Taiwan in the next morning.
Daddy said he wants to go along, he wants to go over there to look at cars, he will be back on Saturday. And of course, my brother is going too.

That means my sister and I have to stay at home for two days. Once I thought of we need to go out to buy meals and breads, I become mad, I hate to go to the shops. There are many labors and indians! The indians always drink beer at the corridor. Damn disgusting!

Daddy asked us to go back too but we don't want. Hello, we were not at home a few days ago, and now you want us to out again? I've taken out all my stuffs from
luggage man! Arghh..! Vexed!

I've changed my blog song. This song is called All The Right Moves by One Republic. I love it. =D
I love the japanese song Love Spaceship by Shanadoo. But i still can't find it in Sogou. Hmm.. =/

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