woots O_o

My class teacher asked us to change our seats in class due to the messy arrangement of desks. I sit between yincai and chueni. Sometimes I am in predicament when both of them talk to me at the same time, LOL.

I have just reloaded RM10, now I only have RM18 pocket money.. Going to Ipoh this saturday, chueni is going too, weee. I want to buy a new school bag! Hope that mummy will buy some new clothes for me for CNY. =)

Got a career inventory test from counseling room. They said counseling teacher will analyse and explain to us according to our personal answer. I wonder what will my result be, haha.

Happy birthday to my dai lou BASIL~ Wish u happy always =]

by sydney
@ 6:30pm
on 27 Jan 2010

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