CNY = ?

Brought hand phone to school. Xian told me they will be coming at 2-3pm and will be back before 7pm. I checked the time of showing of The Lightning Thief, there are only two shows during the time they're here, which are 2.45pm and 7.15pm. I asked them what's the plan but they haven't decided yet.

Nee said she's not going to the party, neither the cinema nor the cafe, because her family and relatives have come back to gather.

I quickly took a shower after came back from school. I asked again what's their plan but couldn't get a reply. I was so tired that I fell asleep in my brother's bedroom. At 1.41pm, I received text from FuanFan said that they're not going to Sitiawan. I was really tired, after I read the message, I continued sleeping.

At 4.25pm, I woke up then I sat in front of my computer until 5.30pm. After that my mum drove us to Giant to shop. Bought a singlet, a key chain, a pair of shoes, and some daily necessities. I like the chick key chain. x)

Xian told me that they went to Taiping. I am sad. Why she didn't tell me in the afternoon, even Siew or Wei. How I wish I could meet them.. How I wish I could go to Taiping with them..

Never mind, it's ok, it's already a past.

Brother and his friends (the boys are my neighbour) are playing firecrackers outside the house. I prefer fireworks, like most of the girls do. =)
CNY = new clothes, food, angpau, fireworks, lion dance, outings!

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