laziness is my greatest enemy

I feel like I'm wasting my time. It's February now but it seems like I haven't done any good job yet, I mean, something meaningful, on studies.

Not knowing what is the homework of today is normal for me, even though if I knew what is the homework today yet I still can't resist the temptation of the computer. Since my cellphone is expired, I can sit in front of the computer whole day long.

As for Science subjects, I think I'm gonna fail all these, but I don't want to! =(

Biology - That Gunasekaran talks to himself every day! 'Any comments regarding for this?' The whole class kept quiet. Then he continued teaching.. He uses Fajar reference book to teach us, but we use different versions of the book. Every time he teaches, he never tells which page on our book is he teaching at that moment! Everyone is blur and feeling dizzy! Damn it, I don't go for Biology tuition class, I don't wanna lose my interest in Biology. =(

Physics - I go to Physics tuition class but I don't really understand what are school teacher and tuition teacher teaching about. Getting lazier. Gonna change this bad habit. ><

Chemistry - Hmm this is better. Although I don't like Miss Ding's English, I'm trying to get use to it. Daddy said don't always try to find out her mistakes but should try to understand what is she teaching. By the way, I have a nice Chemistry tuition teacher. Hope my Chemistry will be better than last year. =]

Add Maths and Maths - I can't keep up! T.T

History - Gonna die laaaaaaaaaaaaa ==

Oh, how I wish my modem has broken again, no, actually I don't want such a thing happen. =S

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