My new favourite celebrity

First of all, I would like you guys to listen to this song.
I was watching some videos of Britain's Got Talent on youtube. Then I found this video. I was like OMG, his voice is so powerful! After I posted the link on my Facebook, someone told me it's Declan Galbraith.

When he was still a kid.

Then I searched for other songs of his. He has grown up, yet his voice is still amazing.
Now listen to this.
I'm in love with this song. Of course, others are awesome too. =)

He is attractive and cute, isn't he?
Declan's latest album ''You and Me''(2007).

Many people don't know who is Declan Galbraith. They only know Justin Bieber.
In my opinion, Bieber is good, but Declan is even better. I hope he can release his next album as soon as possible. =)

I'm now using 搜 狗 拼 音 輸 入 法. And the skin is The Mad Hatter.

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