Bye exam, Hello Cameron!

Ten days of exams passed. I know my result will be terrible 'cause I didn't do as much revision as they did.

But I'm only worrying for my English Paper One. It was my first time having not enough time in essay writing. I didn't even write 300 words! I would be upset if I didn't get an A for my English Language this time. ;(

Tomorrow is the last day of exams, I'm so excited and can't wait for the holidays!
Daddy said we're heading to Penang tomorrow right after school. Gotta borrow Diary of a Wimpy Kid from my cousin Jane. Then we'll be going to Cameron Highlands. I think it has been almost 10 years since I went there.

My computer has been reformatted, most of the software are gone. Why I installed Google Pinyin but it can't function? =(
I accidentally clicked a box on my file properties and now the whole file is missing! All my latests photos are inside the file! Arghhhh! D:

I've deleted more than 3000 strangers in my Facebook friend list. I won't be approving all friend requests from now on. I'm sorry for that. xD
New MSN account is created. Tell me who you are when you're adding me. Thank you. =)

It's time to watch National Geographic. Heheh.
To all students, enjoy your holiday!
Will be back after having fun in Cameron. Adiós ♥

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