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Yesterday was Johnny Depp the hottest man's 47th birthday. I felt so embarrassed that I, as a big fan of him, had almost forgotten that it was his birthday. I'm so sorry to Depp's fans. ;(
Happy Birthday to you Johnny. Hope you have a wonderful birthday with your family.
Love you always. ♥ ♥ ♥

I gotta do one more drawing of JD as a lil gift. (:

This is what I drew for my internet friend, Lydia Beverly.
I'm glad that she said she likes it. =]
And she drew me this in return. ^^

I have come back from Cameron for 3 days. All the photos taken at Cameron have been uploaded to my Facebook. I don't feel like writing about the holiday trip again. Here're some of the photos.

I have fallen ill since I was at Cameron. Now I'm still suffering from a sore throat. D':
It is so cold at Cameron that I rushed to toilet for about 5 or 6 times at night!

Anybody is watching FIFA World Cup 2010 tomorrow?
Which country do you cheer for?
Good luck all teams!

Remember to make use of your holiday. Have fun! ;)

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