Be grateful

    It has been a week since my last article.
    I need to write down the things happened recently but I was too lazy to update my blog.

    My mum had an Indian motorist bump into her Myvi on last Friday. The rider was thrown into the air. Fortunately, he's just slightly injured.

    It takes 3 weeks to fix the damaged Myvi. Mum needs a transport to bring us to the schools and tuition classes. So my parents decided to buy a new car.

    And we got our new ALZA the day before yesterday.

    The number 5288, which is the last 4 numbers of my I.C number, was booked by others. And that's why Mum picked 7288.

    I have just got my midterm results last Friday. I'm the 90th in 230 Form 5 Science students. Owh I know it's terrible.

    Monday was the first day of the second monthly test. So far I've only got back my History paper. I got 23.5. I could get 26 if I didn't write the answer of question #2 in bullet form! I must not lose my mark again next time! D:

    Today, the ex-news anchor of channel NTV7 came to our school to give a speech. The title was 'The Meaning of Life'.

    He taught us some beautiful and meaningful quotes. He told us about how he had been diagnosed with cancer and went through it.
    He's hilarious. We enjoyed ourselves very much. :)
    He is — 劉 子 賢
    • 能 感 恩 多 少,就 能 享 受 多 少。
    • “知 道” 跟 “做 到” 是 世 界 上 最 遥 远 的 距 离。
    • 不 是 因 为 幸 福 才 笑,而 是 笑 了 才 會 幸 福。

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