Hooray! The second monthly test is over! Now, let's relax before the trial examination.
We're planning to go McD tomorrow. Tell me if you wish to come along.

I'm gonna talk about Facebook again.

I still don't understand why do people like their own status. That's definitely pointless.
Of course you are satisfied with what you write, that's why you post them on Facebook. I like my own status and photos too, but it's not necessary to always be the first who clicks like, that's really meaningless. And others might think you are overconfidence. Or you do that because you don't get any feedbacks from your friends?

Here's another problem. I can see lots of complaints on Facebook about they're being annoyed by those strangers. Well, if you don't want to be bothered,
don't accept every friend request. Make sure you know who are these people before you accept their friend requests. I bet you won't get disturbed anymore.

I did really bad in my English test. I don't even get an A. I made a lot of mistakes, but fine, it's just a monthly test. HAHA
Trial is just around the corner. I must stop being lazy. Perhaps I need reward for my results. LOL

I don't know why I cried for you. I really shouldn't get upset because of you. Now, let's just forget each other.

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