What does GCB stand for?

McDonald has launched a new burger named GCB. On Thursday, we decided to try it. I texted 16 people and invited them to join. At last, there was 15 people, including me, managed to attend the so-called after test celebration.

SiYing and Chueni came to my house and we waited for YinCai to bring us there.

The people arrived late due to some problems. At 8:30pm, we ordered food and joked around while enjoying our meal.
I ordered spicy fried chicken, a cup of ice Milo and a packet of French fries. I just ate a bite of GCB and I think it's really delicious. If you haven't eaten it, try it now!
It is RIDICULOUS that none of us had taken any pictures of it. xD

They boys made this. Ewww, that's really disgusting.

The two pretty girls were shy to show their face.

Sweet couple of the day.

Ducky, showing an unknown hand sign. LOL

This smart guy is always unwilling to face the cameras.


Ivy, ShiXian, Yincai, Zhyn, SiangKin

I love this photo. They look great with the smiles. (:

YongSheng and Basil the CRAPAHOLICS.

Micky, SiYing and Chueni were promoting McD creamer. Yum-yum.

My darlings, ShuHui and Ivy.

Don't be shy, ChiSheng and ShiXian...
Look at YongSheng and Basil! LOL

Oh, whoa, what were the two boys at right hand side doing?

This is funny. They're searching for Micky's gray hair! LMAO

SiYing: Let's play a game!

*ka chak*
Owh, it's blurred.
Still, we look kinda weird! Blame the stupid cameraman — Jay!

YinCai and me.

ShuHui and the sweet couple left at 10PM.
So I'm sorry that they're not in the group photos.

It's not that clear...
Ah-ha. This is the BEST group photo.
Thanks for showing peace hand sign! :)
And thank you, Micky, for being the camera-girl.

Now, only GIRLS. :)

Before going to McD, I informed Dad that I'm gonna stay overnight at YinCai's by sending him text message as I did not dare to ask for permission by talking to him on the phone.
I got a reply after 30 minutes, he claimed that he's coming to fetch me at 10PM.

Our celebration ended at 10:15PM and my dad came right on time. Then, I went to YinCai's house to take my bags back. However, Dad did not condemn me and I'm very grateful for that. x)

I would like to express my thanks to the 15 people.
Thanks for attending, my dear friends. I'm glad that all of you had had fun. I love y'all! ♥
I'm looking forward to having a bigger party after SPM! :D

What does GCB stand for, actually? I really have no idea with the 'G'.

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