You're invited.

I don't care which class were you from in the past years, you are NOW a student of 5SC. Look at other classes, they are so cooperative. Why can't we just be like them?

You are the one suggested to hold the party on 15th and now you say you're not free? You people are actually causing the relationship in the class even worse! Don't act like nothing happened. You know what you've done.

What is the meaning for class party if some of the classmates are absent? We're truly disappointed. All I want is a class party, all you should do is ATTENDING the class party. IS IT THAT HARD? This is the last year. So please be cooperate, thanks.

Now we've set the details for class party. The class party will be held at Kaiwei's house on 9th September 2010. The party will be started at 7 in the evening. Every student of 5SC is SINCERELY invited to the class party 2010.

At 2pm on 6th, we'll have a meeting about the party preparation at McD. You are welcomed to give any suggestions. See you guys there and HAPPY HOLIDAY :)

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