A long sigh


Thanks to my job I've got 10 wounds on both of my hands! Everything (non-living thing) is like against me and wanna hurt me. *exaggeration* ))))):

So I get closer to the other promoters in kids' department. They are one Indian girl who named Sanggetha and two Malay girls named Mira and Maz. One Malaysia haha! :) That guy from Pakistan introduced himself as Ali, but we call him SRK (Shahrukh Khan). LOL. We often joke together.

I'm already used to getting called by the word "amoi". I think it's how Malays greet girls? But that doesn't sound really good to me tho. Haha.

There were tons of people today in Tesco! Guess it was because of it's a rainy day and CNY is just around the corner? But there were still a lot of Malay customers.

I thought other markets would have lost some customers since Tesco's opening. But I went to Billion yesterday (I only met with Xian and Hk) and there were still plenty of customers. Today I went to Econsave and it's crowded as well. O.O

Sincerely thanks those who came to find me in Tesco :)))))
Anyone else wants me to visit them during their working hours? I'll try mt best to visit you! Haha >)

You student are having a week long of holidays but us workers still have to suffer!
So sad that I have not much time to read you guys' blogs.

Good news of the day: I'll have 4 days' leave during CNY! Hooray! >D

Time to sleep. Good day people!

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