Busy couple of days

The new stocks were driving me crazy the past couple of days! :( 

Fuck my job. I only have little time to be online. I don't have time to revise the road driving rules. And that makes me get my driving license even late! 

I was not that busy today. I still managed to text and walk around Tesco. Haha! I just realized customers can try some mobile phones at the electrical department. 

Dad was actually blaming me for wasting their time to drive me to and fro every lunch/dinner break. But guess what, Mum's the one who says the food in Tesco are expensive and eating at home saves money. It were both of you who wanted me to work, now I got my job and you're still nagging around? :((((

The lady bird suits sell like hot cakes! :)
After I took this picture, a security guard came up to me and warned me for taking picture. He asked "You ada pass kah?", I replied no and he said, "Jangan tangkap gambar. Nanti saya rampas." and walked away. Cheh! I've handed in the letter about permission to allow mobile during work hours like a week ago you know. Why haven't you Tesco given us the pass yet?!

Bought a new pair of shorts for CNY and it looks like pyjamas hahahaha whatever. 
Kids shirts are so damn nice and they're cheaperrrrr than ladies shirts! Lots of people seem to have bought their CNY shirts in Tesco and to avoid awkward moments like bumping into someone wearing the same outfit with me, I thought of buying a kid shirt. 
The biggest size would fit me. Ain't boasting about how thin I am. It could fit any teens out there LOL it's truly big. But Mum just won't let me try it. She said it would be even funnier to meet a kid wearing the same shirt with you.
Alright, fine.

Hurt my index finger while cutting the cardboard. Broke my fingernails so I had to cut it off. And the only four long nails make my left hand looks so fugly and weird!
I want beautiful nails for CNY! :(


Thanks the Malay girl for helping me to carry the new stocks. Thanks the Indian girl for helping me to adjust the rack. 

My old best friend, SinYing came over to Tesco with her family today. When I saw her I was so glad and I smiled like the Chelsea Cat. It has been years since we last met (IIANM. Yea I think I am not mistaken). I invited her and her family to have dinner with my family but they had to go back as it was getting darker. Hope to see her during CNY, and also all my PR friends! 

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