Did some blog changes

Slightly edited my bloggie. Does the title make you go what the hell? :P

The previous blogger profile has been replaced with a short author bio, ohh, and my silly photo.

Notice that orange bar at bottom of my blog? As you can tell, it's a music player. I like it because readers can choose whether they want to listen to these musics and the song playing won't be replayed even if you click into any link on my blog. Furthermore, you can click "pause" even when you're viewing the bottom part of my blog, the player will always be down there. They might not be the latest musics but anyway, hope y'all enjoy 'em!

I've added some fantastic blogs to the blogroll. All the people on " COOLER THAN ME" are indeed awesome!

Besides, I also added the blog stats widget for fun. Teehee.

Hooray! It's my day off today! Date me oooooout! XD

My hair has been falling out a lot lately, I shall ban instant noodles from now on.

Now you can give thumbs up to my blog post if you like it. (:

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