CNY is on its way!

Yayyyyy! Chinese New Year is on its way! :) Everybody can't wait!
My family and I will be heading back to Gramma's right after I finish working tomorrow. 

Ahhhhhh I need more time to do last-minute CNY shopping!


I served 3 Otomo's customers today! Dammit, I decided next time I'll just say I don't know anything about Otomo products.

Went to Tesco with my family after working. Haha, some random staff recognized me and smiled at me. 
Dad actually wanted us to buy things to reach 88 dollars so that he could join the contest to win a car. But we ended up buying things of RM86 only then Mum immediately got one more can of Sunsweet but the cashier told us our bill had already printed out... So we could only get free red packets at the service counter. I didn't know what is an 紅 包 封 called in Malay. I just told that guy I wanna tukar angpau, LOL. Then they went chuckling, "OOO... Ada angpau, tapi tak da duit." -___-

Congratulations to Jess Lee Jia Wei 李 佳 薇 for winning the Taiwan singing competition 超 級 星 光 大 道 7. Us Malaysian Chinese are so proud of you! (:


Hooray! I've got half of my salary but I'm not gonna spend it so quickly. I haven't made myself a wishlist yet.
I need a new phone, a camera, a laptop, a new pair of specs...and some other things which I can't remember right now.

Went shopping after I got home from work. Mum brought me to the boutiques behind The Store. So glad that she bought me a cute floral dress! ♥ 
Then we went to The Store to meet with Dad and Watson. Obviously ladies' clothing in The Store are more than in Tesco. There were too many people and Watson was suffering from stomachache so we bought nothing and headed back. 

I actually can get some old dresses from Mum and wear them like retro dresses since retro fashion trends making comebacks today. LOL.

To tell the truth, I own about 6 new clothing, not including the floral dress. But the problem is I have no idea how to match them well. DX

Yesh! Last day of January! 

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