Victory needs preparation

Went to watch The Mechanic with a bunch of friends last night. I was kind of surprised that Chueni was gonna join us too. I thought she was still in KL. 

The movie was pretty awesome, most parts are violence yet exciting. The sexual part has been removed. I thought they wouldn't. *disappointed* Hahahaha jk.

Arthur (Jason Statham) is so muscular! Anyhow, I prefer Steve (Ben Foster) but he died in the end, so sad!
Seeeee. Ben is so cute. Love his beautiful eyes.

The ending actually made us go O__O *huh?*. But honestly, it is worth a watch.
"Victory needs preparation." This explains why I fail all the time.

Luckily we chose to watch The Mechanic but not Sanctum, or I would have trouble falling asleep.  
▲Me, Siying & Chueni

▲Leong, Chan & Steve

▲Taken by Chan 

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