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Daddy was planning to meet with his old friend Mr Poh and his wife and have a breakfast in Old Town today. So we had to wake up early in the morning.
▲ I just woke up.

▲ Big face!

This was the first time me and my family having breakfast in Old Town. We usually eat noodles in Chinese kopitiam.

▲ Watson

▲ Whitney

▲Curry Chicken Rice

▲ Mummy

▲ Daddy

The adults were chitchatting while Whitney and I were playing the DSLR.

▲ Not taken with DSLR, of course.

Whitney and her friends watched I Am Number Four yesterday. She said it was awesome. So I planned to watch it since I didn't have to work today. Me and Shixian were busy inviting people to that "movie gathering". Some were not free, we changed the date and time for a few times. And finally at 6, we settled those problems. We decided to watch it at 6:50pm today. 
▲ Opps

I went out at 6. I needed to find a computer shop which offers fax service. Many shops were closed cause it was Sunday. I found one shop at last minute, and it charged me two dollars each piece of paper! How expensive. I know this shop near Econsave which charges one dollar only for 3 pieces of paper, what a reasonable price.

I didn't have my dinner before going for the movie. I bought popcorn and Pepsi in the cinema. I don't drink coke so I gave it to Jiahao, cause I didn't bring much money I paid him 6 dollars only for the movie ticket. Haha.

Let's talk about this movie. Yeah it's really awesome and sooooo nice!
They say this story is actually from a series of novels, so there must be more movie sequels.

We missed some parts in the beginning, we got in late. Me and Chueni were like a lil bit confused about the storyline. The main character John (Alex Pettyfer) is so macho, so sexyyyy! And Sam (Callan McAuliffe) is cute, he's quite funny. The girls are hot as well!
I thought my sister liked Alex instead of Callan, then I told my friends Alex was 16 year old. After that I just realized I had mistaken the other one for Callan. Alex is actually 21. *embarrased*

After that, we went to 777 kopitiam, ordered drinks and chitchatted till 10:15pm. People who talked the most were Shixian, Yongsheng & Jiahao. LOL Kiy was being so quite tonight.

Yincai was sad cause she didn't get to join us as she was at Ipoh with her family. HAHAHAHA.

If Burlesque and Black Swan were showing in cinema I'm watching both of them for sure! Unfortunately, they're not... So I'll just watch them on PPS. Haha. Can't wait for PotC IV! :D

Gotta work tomorrow. Off to bed. Good night!

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