January Salary

Hell yeah! I've got my salary for January. Soooo excited to see money! I actually had to take some money out for the promoters from the other Tesco branches who has come to help me before.

I'm facing another problem — I'm gonna quit this job, most possibly by the end of March. And if I couldn't find anyone to replace me as Okbaby promoter, I would probably have to work for Okbaby until April.
If it turned out like this, which intake should I apply for? :(

New Straits Times says that the SPM 2010 results will be out on 23 March (Wed). Ha! It's my day off. I'm gonna cry the entire day LOL jk I hope not.
I guess the candidates are starting to get nervous. Are you? :P

What should I do today? Feeling like going for a swim. But I don't wanna swim around in my weird swimsuit. :////

Have a good day!

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