Just as I Expected

It's 23th March! Todayyyyyyy is the day! The release date of SPM 2010.

I was not nervous at all, until I saw the crowd in the main hall. Everyone was talking about the results. I got anxious when it's almost my turn to get the certificate.

My result is as I expected, which is 3A's, 3B's and 4C's. Alright I know this is terrible. But you don't have to comfort me. I'm not that down. I was actually surprised that I get an A for my Add Maths and I passed all the subjects! I used to fail so many subjects you know.
C+ and C for History and the Science subjects. LOL this probably shows that I'm not meant for Science stream. I have lost my confidence in Biology man...

A+ in English and 1A in 1119! Hell yes! :)

Now I'm so afraid that Dad will ask me to major in Account as I score well in Maths!

So I have reactivated my phone number after taking the result. It's not a MUST to reply your fucking question about SPM.
I'll show you my result here. Although it is terrible, it is not a shame after all.

You don't have to suicide because of your SPM results. Life goes on. Deal with it! 

Thanks for all your wishes earlier and congratulations to those who score excellent results! 

Battle: LA was breathtaking. Everything's awesome except the aliens' design...
▲ First time wearing the hoodie bought in China :)

▲ 21 Mar

▲ My honee

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