Yeah yeah yeah I've got myself another boyfriend. And he's Thomas Parker, known as Tom from the British-Irish pop boy band The Wanted. Their song, All Time Low has been trending lately but I prefer Heart Vacancy. It was the very first TW song that I listened to. I love the lyrics so much.

In your heart, in your heart, in your heart,
I can tell you can fit one more.
Open up make a brand new start,
I don’t care who’s stayed before.

The Wanted's latest track Gold Forever is the official Comic Relief single.

The boys are very playful and funny. Every of their videos can make you go laughing real hard. Subscribe to their Youtube channel, Thewantedmusic for more videos! :)

I love Wanted Wednesday! Look how crazy they are! Loving their British accent.

Some pictures of the cute lads! Guess which one is Tom? 

Ta-da! Did you get it right?

I actually loved Max at the first sight cause he looks so fucking sexy with the buzz cut :P 

But then I found that Tom is interesting too! He has an epic laugh. And his eyes OMG they are so fucking beautiful. In a nutshell, all of the TW members are sweet! 
▲ Jay (20), Max (22), Tom (22), Siva (22), Nathan (17)

Watch The Wanted on The Wanted series to know more about them.

▲ Tom says he dreams about Max a lot!

I love TOMAX (Tom & Max's) bromance! 

Picture from videos.

I liked Tom's fan page and see what I found among the fan photos.
... Tom kissing a female fan!

How lucky! *jealous*

... And even more shocking! 
▲ I couldn't believe my eyes!

OMG I wish I were one of those lucky bitches! According to those girls, he might ask if you want a kiss or if you want a kiss he will do it as well. Awwww, such a sweetheart.
I'd FAINT if he ever kissed me on the lips! No, I would NOT die. Cause I wanna have it more! LOL.

The Wanted came to Malaysia on 20th Feb and I never knew that! Arghhhh! I wish they're coming over again ♥ ♥ ♥
Yes I'm definitely buying their album :)

Go download Gold Forever on iTunes people! It's all for a good cause :) xxx

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