I suggested to meet up in McD tonight. Many were busy and it turned out only me, Yincai & Jiahao managed to be there. Haha, I wanted to see Basil but was lazy enough to text him.
▲ My crazy bestie.

▲ The boy is always shy to take photos.

We chit-chatted and decided to go to Tesco for a walk. And we didn't even know why we were there. Yincai and I looked around in those shoes shops. She wants to buy a pair although she just bought a new one. What a greedy girl LOL just kidding.

So I don't have to get a new number if I buy a HTC via DiGi contract but I have to change to postpaid plan. I'm so sick of my current mobile. Although it has been fixed lately, its keypads are still not functioning very well. Dad, please take me to buy a HTC asap! D:

Yay! My dear Shuhui is back from the NS camp days ago! :)
She came to Tesco and told us some stories about NS. It must be a great camp for her.

Too bad that she couldn't go to McD just now because she's currently in Sg! OMG so much fun.
▲ I need braces too. LOL not kidding.

I won't look into your eyes again, they're way too attracting.

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