You Could Be The Next Winner!

As you know, I'm getting crazy over! FYI, it is a Malaysian youths website where you get rewarded for sharing! Sharing is caring ;)
Their prizes are so freaking attractive. Apart from the 3 daily prizes, 4 days from now, they are giving out 10 MORE prizes! So now you get bigger chance to be the winner.

If you are interested in participating to get prizes like Macbook Air, Samsung Plasma TV, iPhone 4, Canon SLR, iPad 2, Lomokit, trip to South Korea, IKEA room makeover, front row tickets to Justin Bieber's concert, shopping sprees to TopShop, Forever21, MNG and blah blah blah, first you have to be a member of You will be required to choose any of the given images and make it as your Facebook profile picture. For more details, please read through Birthday Bonus post clearly.


The latest campaign is about 7 days 6 nights vacation to New Zealand by Air Asia! Bet you wanna know how to get this game started!

These actions are counted as evil and you will be banned forever for doing these.
  • Don't ASK people to click on your links to 'help' you. That's not fair to the people who trust you to share it naturally.
  • Don't post your link on shoutboxes and discussion forums, it maybe spammy to others!
  • Don't use automated methods to generate clicks. It's easy to get banned.
  • Don't use misleading message to trick people to click on the link.
  • Don't email people you don’t know. That's spam!
  • Don't post your link on campaign's website or campaign Facebook page. Ever.
  • Don't post your link on and Facebook page.
  • Don't use Paid To Click (PTC) sites
YOU GET THAT?? If someone asks you to click on their links and you're annoyed with that, you can go to their profile and report them. No, they won't know who has reported them. Be honest to yourself!

Still don't know what is? Click here.
Still don't know how does it work? Click here.

BTW, congratulations to my friend he has won the 9th day RM1000 Maybank Cash Prize! I feel so relieved becasue he's the one who brought me to and he shares more than me. I think he deserves the bigger reward! :)

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