Happy 520!

Heyyyy, happy 520! It's a good day! Chinese people especially young couples love the date May 20. Do you know why? Do you know what does the number series 520 mean? It's not just simply a five, a two and a zero. It has a special definition for Chinese.

The number "wu er ling" (520 in Chinese) sounds approximately like "wo ai ni" (I love you in Chinese)! Hmmm maybe not that alike but because of this similarity, Chinese couples use 520 as an acronym or abbreviation for I love you. 

If you never knew, well now you know ;)

My Twitter account celebrates its 1st birthday today. How did I know that? My Twitter for Android app tells me. If you'd like to check when was your/someone's account created, you may find it out on whendidyoujointwitter.com. The result will be shown like this.
Give me a follow? ;)

祝 有 情 人 终 成 眷 属 =]

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