I Find Glasses a Nuisance.

The inner side of my glasses.
Eww, look at the plating. Gross. It must be a fake Giordano. Damn my glasses won't stay on my nose, they fall constantly when my nose gets greasy, or maybe it's because of my button nose. I regret buying this glasses, they're pretty heavy & the arm sides are rather long. It really annoys me when I lie down with my glasses on, they get crooked and I can't see things clearly.

I need a new glasses. What type of glasses do you think would suit me best?

Do you have short-sightedness? Would you choose glasses or contact lenses and why? What annoys you about wearing eyeglasses?
I hate it when I go for a 3D movie (In fact, I've never seen a 3D movie, but a 4D film in HK Disneyland), I have to wear two glasses at the same time and the 3D glasses slip because my nose is not tall enough for another glasses.

If you don't have any vision problems, please protect them before it's too late. You may read this Malaysian optometrist's blog to know more about the windows of the soul.

On the other hand, I got my first scholarship regarding my SPM results. Thanks S'wan Buddhist Association!

Early Wesak Day Celebration

cacat  :L

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