I Hate Manual Cars & Hard Steering

Okay, now Dad, could you please don't keep the modem EVERY TIME when you're not at home? I need to update my blog...

Apparently my first driving lesson caused severe pain all over my body muscles & bones. I was complaining about aches all day.

So I had another two hours driving lesson yesterday morning. I was shocked & scared when my driving instructor wanted me to go drive on the main road. I was frightened by those school kids crossing the road, I was so afraid that I would accidentally step on the gas and fucking knock them down. And fortunately, I managed to stay calm.

I had the engine died for 3 times straight when I was at the traffic light and I lost control of the steering frequently while changing gears. Thanks goodness, I'm still alive.

I can't memorize the Roads A, B, C during practice. I don't know when to turn left or right when I come to a junction. Could somebody draw me a map of the roads please??

That evening, I suffered from a massive headache when I got up from a siesta. I got better after taking another nap at night. And.. It's American Idol time! :D All the four final contestants (James, Haley, Scotty, Lauren) were so awesome that I don't know who to vote for! I saw Ellen DeGeneres talk about James was eliminated amongst the top four. It was unacceptable! :O
Who gets your vote? I'll let you in on a little secret — Ryan's got my vote. 

By the way, Micky is selected to join the second batch of the National Service. She's leaving for her campsite tomorrow morning so we met up with her at MacDonald's just now. 

I need new glasses. Recommendations?

Goodbye sweetheart. Play hard & learn hard. Take good care of yourself! :)

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