I wanted my blog to have the same wallpaper as my Twiter profile, simply because I think it is pretty nice. I spent hours searching for that polka hearts background on Snazzy Space, only to find the html code didn't work. Fml. Time wasted.

Initially I was about to change the template again, to a dark one, like which on but I'm afraid the black colour background and white colour words will hurt your eyes. So I tried to get some simple yet nice wallpapers, and I found this super cool editor. It's a pattern editor. There are lots of patterns to choose, you can pick your favourite colours and make it a whole new pattern! Then you might use it as your blog wallpaper or whatever.

It also provides variations - in case you have no idea how to mix the colours for a new pattern. Yes, my current blog background is the variation of one of the patterns from the awesome website. Any comments? :)

Go try it now at! :)

Blogrolls updated on Check if you're in! :)
Btw, do your eyes hurt reading the blog?

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