Road Rules Theory Test

My modem stopped working all of a sudden last night. We set the modem again but it still didn't work. We thought it was broken, Dad asked me to take it to the computer shop today. Fortunately, earlier on I saw some of my friends claimed that they had problems with their modem connecting too, so I tried to turned on the modem this morning and oh yeah - it's functioning well. It must be Streamyx problem then! 

I've been slacking since I quit the Okbaby job. I didn't go for any part-time job interview. I couldn't find any. But it is worth mentioning that I passed my road rules theory test with this result, when I spent only two-day time to study the rules.
It was not easy man! Make sure you memorize most of the questions on the book!

Tomorrow I'm going for my first driving lesson baby! I need to finish all these lessons as soon as possible before my driving test which is at the end of the month.

Wake me up before 8AM. I oversleep these days. I hope my driving tutor is kind and patient, and won't yell at me when I do something wrongly. It's my first time!

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