Which Route Would It Be?

Looking at my belly, thinking I've been eating too much lately... I just can't resist.
Food I've eaten:
Birthday cake

Mama's rice with egg 

Chinese pau (I love kaya pau & peanut pau )

Claypot rice

Chicken satay

Wantan Mee

Coconut water

... and MANY MORE.

I know right this multilayer cake looks super yummy. It's given by Mam's friend, they're celebrating her baby's 1 month old birthday. Guess what, this cake is soooo delicious that I consumed 3 slices in a day! I ain't obsessed with cakes, I don't know what this purple cake is called. Somebody tell me what flavour could this be? So that I can order one for my birthday! LOL

I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. While you guys are tired of eating sushi, spaghetti, ramen, some costly cuisine or delicacies, you know what, heck I've never tasted one of these before! I grow up eating local food. I'm quite a typical Malaysian Chinese. I love having Chinese noodles in the morning. And I'm feeling fly about going to Penang because there's lots of cheap and tasty food! Teehee :)

Ok bye, I need to study the 3 stupid maps. I hope I pass my driving test safely tomorrow (you have to pay RM100 for another test if you fail!). I hate Route B, please don't pick that freaking route for me thanks!

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