Daddy's Girls

Hello readers! Happy Father's Day to all the loving daddies out there!

Last night my family went for a dinner as Father's Day celebration. This was my outfit.
And this is where we had our dinner with Dad. That's my dad walking towards the entrance.
It is a halal restaurant. It doesn't sell pork & beer. 
Some Siam decoration. 
Yes, my childish sis brought her Mr Box along. 
Mammi ordering dinner. 

Everyone was staring at us... Have they not seen cameras and Danboard before??
Peanut was really annoying. He kept complaining all night. 
Among Chrysanthemum tea , orange juice & ice Milo, I like tea most. I actually thought this glass of orange juice was mango juice thus I didn't even take a sip :| 
Yay, I love Tom Yam! 
My favourite of the night — omelettes! Surprisingly I did not pick out the onions.
I'm rather picky. I only ate some Cauliflower. 
Lemon chicken FTW!

Funny how Dad had to pay the bill on Father's Day ;) 
This scrumptious meal was not too expensive though. 

After having dinner, we took some photos with our funny daddy.
CUT CUT CUT! We weren't ready yet!  
Darn I look DARK!! Dad is even cuter... Since it's Father's Day it's okay to let him win.
Suddenly he showed the shooting hand sign LOL I love him.
And this was... Rock & Shoot??! :D

I handed this card made by me & my sis to Dad before Father's Day ended. He said thank you and I walked away hastily.  It has been years since I made him a card. I used to do that annually when I was in elementary school. I don't think my 11-year-old brother knew it was Father's Day.
The cover
page 1
page 2
We didn't color it though... I hope he likes it. 


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