I don't worry a lot, but when I worry; I worry a lot.

I had a gathering with 6 of my high school friends in MacDonald's at Wednesday night. Many of them thought I was already a college student while I didn't know what field of study did they choose to pursue in Form 6. It was a tad awkward. 

We talked mostly about National Service Training. Some of them had joined it and said it was a total fun experience. They had so many interesting stories to tell that I didn't dare interrupt when it's time for me to go home and I almost got locked out of my house (I was supposed to be back before 10:15PM, yet I was one hour late).

Thank you Basil, for treating us (or me?) to a McD meal although the GCB wasn't delicious as I thought it'd be.


I'm creating a new Facebook account because I don't like my current username and Fb won't let me change it. Now I have another problem, Fb wants my mobile number to verify my new account but I haven't received any confirmation code from Fb yet. Does anybody know how to get the code more quickly?


Fancy leaving me a comment regarding my layout on my previous post? I'm reading some template tutorials, might add "read more" to my posts so that I can place like 3 posts within a page but my sis says it's a bad idea. What do you think? 

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