I Wanna Go

I received a letter yesterday. I got so excited knowing it's from SAYS.MY. I couldn't make it to their office to get my prize (shopping vouchers) which I won earlier in April so they decided to send it to my house. 

I freaked out when I accidentally tore apart the letter, I was worried it'd be the vouchers. 

For some reason, they had to replace my original UNIQLO RM500 shopping voucher with a RM500 GAP shopping voucher.

They asked if I could take a photo of myself with my prize and send them via email. 

So this is it! Ha :) Excuse my leg :S

So happy with my free shopping vouchers! All thanks to SAYS.MY! :) If you're a Malaysian teen and you're interested in making money online, go sign up HERE.

The thing is... GAP store is located in KL, which is faaaaar away from me. These vouchers are valid for only one year from the date they were issued. Somebody bring me to KL please.

Oh, it's Friday, Friday. What are you guys up to? I'm munching on potato crisps haha!

Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards... LOL awkward.
Have a wonderful weekends!


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