Professional Procrastinator

I'm a professional procrastinator. My new glasses had been waiting for me for days in the optical shop and finally I went to pick them up.

The photos below were edited with Photoshop CS3. Thanks Katie from Katie's Pencil Box for the simple tutorial!

To be honest, these glasses are very expensive. They cost up to 100 bucks more than my previous glasses and Dad's sort of mad at me. *le sigh*

new glasses

previous glasses

I'm rather surprised that after two years of facing the computer all the time, reading while lying down in bed, sitting close to the telly, my eye sight isn't affected. Guess eating carrots must have helped!

That being said, I can change my eyewear occasionally, yeahhhhh.

Also, the dilemma of which to choose as the prize for the giveaway I've won not long ago is solved. After some consideration, I decided I'd go with this Blueberry Summer Handbag. What do you think?

BUT, BUT, BUTT, I have neither a PayPal account nor a credit card to purchase the item. My Dad has a credit card though. do I tell him?? :(


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