Zits, Nobody Loves Them.

I tweeted about my family and I went to a baby "full month" party held by Dad's friend on my Twitter last night. I came across some high school acquaintances there. They seem to be the relatives of the baby's. This world is small, haha.

The vegetarian buffet was surprisingly delicious.

There were a lot of kids, really a lot.

I did not take photos of the baby because I did not ask for the permission to do so (some parents might get annoyed). So here are some pictures of his siblings, they are very adorable. Hence, you can actually visualise how lovely is the one-month-old baby boy.
This is the baby's brother. Fyi he was arranging the tissue boxes, looking like a pro architecture. 

And this is the baby's sister. She has extremely big round eyes!

Recently I had zits on my right cheek and one of them was really big and I hated it (and I still do)! Guess I've been eating too much fried and oily food. Just when I decided to avoid these kind of unhealthy food, my dad announced that we were going for dim sum for breakfast today, which is utterly odd, because he's never liked dim sum, as far as I know. 

So we went to this Teik Kee Dim Sum Restaurant in Kg Koh.

It's been a long time since we last had dim sum in our town, however, we didn't order too much.  
chee cheong fan


fried wontons

The only thing I like about the restaurant is their kaya pau (aka kaya steamed bun), but not the huge variety of dumplings. The kaya fillings is delicious and not too sweet, the bun is fluffy and soft. Just perfect. That's why it's my favourite!
1 kaya pau & 2 cha siu paus

the fillings of kaya pau

the fillings of cha siu pau (aka BBQ pork steamed bun)

And there goes the money...
That boy in this pic was such an eye candy! He was sitting right in front of me :P

I mentioned earlier that I HATED that zit on my cheek. Yes, it's gone. I just couldn't help scratching the unsightly thing on my face so I popped it. Now I'm doomed. I actually don't know what to do after popping a pimple. I just left it there and continued typing on the keyboard like nothing's happened. In fact, I can't stop worrying about the acne scars. 

Honestly, I have no idea how to heal scars or pop a zit or anything about skin care. I'm so ashamed. My skin is hideous and is getting worse. All I can do is stop eating fried or greasy food and drink more water. I need help, seriously.



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