My life is boring, and laziness makes it even worse

Since I have been home a week, I should have written a post to thank my classmates, Xue Ling, Jo Ann and Zax for helping me on the day we went to the Penang Botanic Gardens (which I mentioned here) but I kept on getting distracted by things on the internet and forgot about it (but clearly I've remembered it now).

So, I want to thank Xue Ling for lending me his DSLR. If he wasn't willing to do so, I would not be able to submit my photography assignment in time. Besides, I'd like to thank Jo Ann and Zax for taking me to the botanical garden and to my Gramma's respectively. Really, I can't thank you guys enough for lending a hand!

These are some photos taken by me using the Nikon D90 (edited in Photoshop)

Basically blog reading has been taking up most of my time and I haven't been doing anything exciting so I'm sorry that the only thing I can share with you guys is this quick sketch of my sister all cosy in her pyjamas which I did yesterday when she's checking her Twitter on Delton (yes, I named my laptop).

I definitely should do more sketches but whenever I pick up the pencil my brain goes numb so I always end up leaving my sketchbook blank.

Casually reading this atm and I do intend to finish it. Now pray that I won't get distracted - who knows, maybe I'll find some ways to motivate myself in this full-of-words article.

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