Oh cause sometimes, fate and your dreams will collide

Again, I apologize for the lack of posting. Who would expect getting a dreadful headache just when I have a lot of free time? Anyway, I'm feeling a lot better now. I didn't take any pills though, I just slept, slept and slept.

So, there's only 9 days of holiday left and I am just in the mood to start my plan (or should I say "start planning"...)! Time does fly. It shocked me how I've already spent two months in college without actually realizing it so to be honest, I don't really feel good about this short break as I believe it will be gone quickly.

If you look at the first photo, which is my academic calendar, of my previous post, you may find the week before every break, be it a two-week break or a four-week break, is what we call the assessment week. That said, we have to submit everything within this week.

We had our first ever assessment week before break and it was hectic! On Tuesday, we had two presentations. First we had 2D and Colour Studies presentation where we stood in front of the class and explained our self-designed and self-made mask/headpiece. 

As all of my classmates chose to design a mask, I was the only one making a headpiece. I've always adored DIY headpieces especially those made by Karin from Wunderlust and wanted to make one myself so I decided to give it a try. It was fun! The materials cost me less than 100 bucks but it could be lesser if I had made a better plan.

Here you are, a better close-up of my Bohemian-inspired feather crown. Since it was a "colour mood" project, we were actually requirred to explain the meaning of the colours we picked for our design. The blue (of the feathers) and the brown colours of my feather crown, in short, represents freedom and nature respectively.

My second presentation was a group presentation during Moral class. Both my presentations ended bad though. I was extremely anxious so generally I was mumbling through the whole presentations. Damn I just can't get rid of the fear of public speaking! 

If I'm not mistaken, the seniors share the same holiday with us so on Thursday, I went modelling this outfit designed by my fashion design senior on her presentation. My feet were slightly sore from standing with those heels but still, I thought I was lucky being offered this chance. Don't you want these Bohemian pants in your closet?

She talked about her design briefly here
I bet you wouldn't notice the photo above has been Photoshopped 
if you didn't happen to read her blog post which includes the original photo :P

Time for some JB. JB as in Joe Brooks, shall we? x

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