Cause I feel like I'm the worst, so I always act like I'm the best

To keep you guys updated on my stuff, here are a couple of my recent photos and a few art pieces I've been working on. Any feedback is welcome!

My first statue drawing. I didn't have much time - that explains the absence of 2/3 of the hair.

I'm currently putting effort into a bigger piece of artwork so I got to skip this piece as a part of assignment. I might continue it when I have time, which is rarely ever going to happen.

My very first proper self-portrait. I suck at hair drawing! Any tips?

So all we did today during 3D Animation Studies was doodle. 
Btw, I'm Sherlocked, it's kinda obvious isn't it?

Waiting for the bus in my new closed back sandals (they hurt so much! prolly because they are new).

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