You don't know what does it mean when I smile

The only time you'd see me in a dress/skirt is during special occasions and yet I've been wearing them to college two days back-to-back. Perhaps I wanted to try something different.

I still don't claim to be a fan of dresses and skirts either, well, staying in them does not sound like a good idea for a girl-with-inappropriate-sitting-postures does it?

So on Saturday after drawing class we went to see Chronicle. It's one of those films which would leave you thinking "WHAT DID I JUST WATCH?!". On another note, I realised I could have borrowed my friend's book store member card to pay for The Hunger Games book 1, but I didn't ask, of course.

This outfit on me - I purchased it at a really low price. I really liked the colour and the feather patterns on it. You know when people make fun of you just because someone else is wearing the same colour as you? Yeah that totally happened to me. What's worse - I ran into some lady in the exact same outfit except that she styled it as a top. Wow, THAT was the most awkward day ever in my life.

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