Just tell me if you want to come swimming with us

Look who's in her funny looking swimsuit! Last Friday I finally got out and went swimming in the sun at my Dad's work place. Too much computer is bad for you!

Dad had to work and Mam was taking care of our belongings so basically it was just my siblings and me in the pool. The fact that I can still swim was rather pleasing (after all I hadn't been swimming for more than 8 months!), anyhow I need to practice my breathing techniques.

So after having fun with water we had curry chicken and a lot of rice for dinner in the cafeteria. Then we (re)watched 2012 in the mini theatre. It was exciting! I know, we should have watched it on Dec 22nd this year, right?

Photos taken with Jumbo, edited via mytubo (mostly), uploaded on Molome.

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