All these I was given, well I can't just pretend they weren't there.

I find myself trying to get used to texting, my phone has never rung this much before you see. Of all girls, he came to me. It's just like a dream, or even more unbelievable. And it scares me. If you lived in my head you'd be sick of me questioning myself, all the time: why me?

And then I'd try to convince myself that there's no reason to that. I don't know if that helps. Well I guess not. I'm still afraid. Of what, you ask? Every now and then I can't help thinking about how we are both very different people. The fact that I'm hard to understand worries me, too (i know, it sounds funny, but really *sighs*).

Honestly I never thought this would happen, but it did. So I'm still sort of having a heart attack from it...

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