DSLR VS Instagram

I've been blatantly active on Tumblr recently. All those stunning photographs certainly make me wish I could take my camera with me every single day to capture life moments but with Instagram being all efficient and whatnot, it's just kind of hard to not use it instead of a bulky dslr. When it comes to documenting (and sharing) your life, would you rather take a camera with you everywhere you go or use the quick-and-easy app? 

first day being back at college
an empty classroom
vintage floral dress
cut off denim shorts from Mammi's old Diesel jeans
mural outside Amoy Lane campus
the Penang bridge
at the highway
I just love sunbeam okay
birthday surprise for one of the classmates
blooming tree at Leith Street campus
last Thursday, at Art History class

Instagram @seedney

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