Art Exhibition: December Before Doom

Two weeks ago before I came home for holiday we had an art exhibition at a small but captivating local gallery. It was our senior CheeKong's art show but our lecturer decided to let each of the other students put up a piece of  their printmaking/colour pencil artwork.

It was nice seeing people show up even though some of them didn't even know which was whose art piece?? I had fun though, it's great to be surrounded by funny people. I was running here and there taking photos of people and stuff which results in these photos below and if you want more you may go here.

I was kinda upset my friends couldn't make it there for me as they were supposed to have to attend a fashion show but when I got home they called me out and gave me an early birthday surprise (my birthday was two days after, we had a bbq party and yeah I'll blog about that soon) with three little swiss roll cakes with a candle on each of them. We went for our dinner at Winter Warmer which was a lovely place but we were talking and laughing so loudly and people at the next  table did the same so apparently it didn't matter. 

Everyone was so high and it was one of our friends', Sinthen's birthday so we decided to use my camera to record us calling her and yelling happy birthday through the phone but she only picked up our call after several attempts thus the video turned out so funny and embarrassing we made it private when we posted it on Facebook. 

Tho it's missing out someone I had so much fun with my friends that my heart was literally smiling the whole day.

can you guess which one is mine?


  1. Sounds amazing! Thanks so much for visiting my blog X


  2. Seems you had such a fun times indeed!
    Funny people are always be the best part for me in every event.
    Anyway I really love the art pieces there on the pic.
    Have a nice weekend. x

  3. Ooh, congratulations on the exhibition - how exciting! <3

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  4. mmm the fruitcake looks delicious!

  5. Thanks for your comment hun, can you tell me where you saw the URL to my blog on Nylon Mag please? Hope to see your reply on my blog thanks xxxxxxxx

    xx The Provoker

  6. The gallery display looks great with all the different pieces together.

    and I love that floral wall in the last photo :)

  7. Happy belated birthday! Looks liek there was still a good turnout to the exhibition ;D

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