A Great Catch-Up

We used to be best friends. We went on different paths after high school. And we never spoke again. Until her birthday last year which was a month ago, we contacted each other via Facebook. I was on my semester break and she happened to come back to Sitiawan so we decided to meet up in Starbucks (along with some other high school friends).

We also went to watch Chinese Zodiac by Jackie Chan and it was ace. 

I felt more than sorry to not have prepared something as a gift as there were not many choices in the local shops and it was too late to start doing something DIY. I did give her a hug though. Ever since we talked a lot on Facebook. I suppose we are back to be close friends again :-)

more photos on fb


  1. gorgeous outfit! these photos are lovely and u look so stylish!

    xoxo, Eliza
    Bread and Butter