How's Your Weekend?

Last weekend has been hectic than most. It was a good kind of hectic. 

On Saturday, I accompanied Penny to Butterworth to get bus tickets for Chinese New Year break and we visited Chew Jetty when we came back to the mainland. We took some photos and I started getting grumpy about the heat so we went home.

After dinner, I went to this cafe called China House with Oeston and his friends. The first time I was there I was with Ernest. It was an afternoon when he showed me the bistro part which they call 'The Canteen' where live performances are held at night. Obviously my friends and I were there not for the food but the music. They were performing Jazz that night. To be honest it was just okay for me as I am not into Jazz myself, but I do adore the trumpet player. The crowd was rather rowdy and the fact that smoking is allowed in there didn't quite impress me. But hey, I had a great experience and would love to go there once in a while.

We spent our Sunday in Straits Quay. My friends took part in this t-shirt designing competition titled "Remaking Penang" and a friend of ours turns out to be the second-runner up (congrats!). Then we sat and chilled in Starbucks for a bit. When we decided to leave we bumped into our seniors who were helping out in a surprise marriage proposal and that's when we realised the groom-to-be was a lecturer from our college. We participated by pretending to be random passers-by and walking up to our lecturer's lady to give her roses and tell her to say 'yes'.  It felt so good to be a part of the surprise and what's better is that it was successful. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Oh so cute!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme