P.S. Happy New Year

If you didn't already notice that I no longer have any blog post before Dec 2012 on my blog, which I doubt, as Blogger was being a total retard and decided to show all of my posts on my subscribers' dashboard (idk why??) when I decided to revert them to 'draft' so I apologise for clogging up your dash with all those nonsense.

It was a split-second decision and I kind of wanted them back afterwards but the comments were unable to be retrieved so I thought I'd make a private blog for those posts (lucky I exported them) instead so if you are interested you can send me your email to access it.

It's a new year again and here's my first selfie of 2013 which I come off as an emo kid in (Idc) and the truth is I am a pathetic loser as 2012 turned out not to be my year despite some wonderful memories/experiences. I don't even wanna talk about it now... 

Am I the only one who has not set any goals for the new year?? If you guys have any suggestions feel free to comment below I can't think of too many creative stuff right now but I'll make sure to add the same ol' "read more books", "get fit", "talk less, work more", etc. Well I suppose I will have to think thoroughly about it this time.


  1. Happy New Year!

    would you like to follow each other?


  2. cool post! Happy New Year!


  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR! yeah i know what you mean, new years resolutions are difficult.. maybe something like "be more creative" or stuff like that? thats at least on my list :-)

  4. lovely blog! how about following each other? :)