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Today I got an email from (formerly known as SAYS) asking me to log in (and stay active) for my account will be deactivated in 14 days if I don't and that's when I realised I have not made any money through the site since so long!

I remember when the community first got started as SAYS and I got to be one of the lucky winners of their first giveaway (I won RM500 GAP vouchers) and it ain't even a joke!! If you haven't heard about, it's basically a website where you get rewarded for sharing news/videos etc. If you think it's an awesome and easy way to earn extra money online - YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

So I logged back in and I found there were some changes apart from the change in website name. There is bonus for every member for inviting people to join the community, "your friend will get RM1 upon sign up & you will get RM1 when your friend earns their first RM2" - according to the new deal, not the old one which rewarded you RM1 right after a friend signed up through your special link.

So I scrolled through the campaigns and I thought I should share two of my favourites on here (linked from Google+)

5 MIN MY ASS!! If you can answer all these in 5 mins you're a genius

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